Annual Enrolment Fee (once off payment)$25 per account.Used for sport and craft equipment purchases
Bond Payment (refundable)$100 per childTo beheld as bond for the account
Permanent Before School Care$15 per childIncludes breakfast

Cancellation requires two weeks' notice (10 working days)
Permanent After School Care$22.50 per childIncludes afternoon tea

Cancellation requires two weeks' notice (10 working days)
Vacation Care - Standard (including Pupil Free Days)$45 per childIncludes breakfast, morning tea, and afternoon tea

Lunch is to be provided by the Parent/Guardians for vacation care days booked.

Cancellation requires two weeks' notice (10 working days)
Vacation Care - Incursion$55 per childFull cost of special activity will be subject to CCS discounts

Cancellation requires two weeks' notice (10 working days)
Vacation Care - Excursion$60 per childFull cost of excursion will be subject to CCS discounts

Cancellation requires two weeks' notice (10 working days)
Late pick up fee$15 per 15 minutes per childPickups after 6:00 pm
Non-communication Fee (NCF) (Extra charge on top of normal fees)$10 per child per bookingFor Before, After, and Vacation Care
Overdue account administration fee$20 per month after each 30 days outstanding*Please contact the service in advance to discuss payment options
Fees and Charges before Commonwealth Child Care Subsidy (CCS) reductions:
Additional Information for Cancelling Vacation Care

Costs for Vacation Care vary depending on the planned activities of the center, as outlined in the Vacation Care program.

Cancellations of bookings 10 business days’ notice or earlier will not incur a cancellation fee. If cancelled after this time (or not at all), full session fee will be charged. A late collection fee of $15 per 15 minutes intervals/or part thereof will apply for collections which occur after 6:00pm. As per the Fees Policy, full payment of outstanding fees are required weekly. Accounts which are more than 30 days overdue will incur an Administration fee of $20.00 per month until payment is made. Overdue fees may result in future bookings being cancelled. To avoid late fees please contact the service to arrange payment, or to discuss a payment plan as soon as possible.

No medical certificate will be required as full fees will be charged on all absent days and cancellations effective from the 18th of September 2017.

Payment of Fees and Outstanding Fees

It is IOSHC’s aim to provide a quality service to families at an affordable price. The Management Committee will set fees based on the annual budget required for the provision of quality child care that is in keeping with our philosophy, goals and policies and procedures. Generally, fees are reviewed in March each year. Parents/guardians will be notified of any changes via the sign in desk (Junior Room and School Hall).

Accounts are issued weekly (preferably to your registered email address) on Wednesdays with payment due no later than the following Tuesday. Each weekly account will show the amount incurred for the prior week (Monday to Friday) with any outstanding amount from prior periods included as “Amount Outstanding”. Thus you will need to refer to prior invoices to identify where any outstanding amounts were incurred.

Payment can be made directly to the IOSHC office, by credit card or using our Debit Success facility.

We recommend for regular hours, that you set up a recurring electronic payment through your bank account and make adjustments as needed.

Amounts outstanding after 30 days may incur a $20 administration fee each month that the amount remains outstanding.

IOSHC may appoint a debt collection agency to recover monies outstanding over 30 days. If you are having difficulties making payment, contact the Coordinator as soon as possible to discuss, confidentiality is assured.